Electric Airplane, Fun, Challenging, Outdoor Sports Toy, Model Foam Airplane, Black Airplane 90 Seconds Flight Time.


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Attention:the airplane toys use disposable portable plug-in battery-operated device, so when the toys fall you should charge it

High performance:with 5 farads capacitor NdFeB magnets motor and enhanced fuselage design.it will fly higher 100 meters height & 300 meters distancem and keep 30-90s in the air,it depend on how you play with it

Upgraded material:using PP microporous foam board,lightweight and durable. Benefied from the PP foam,the airplane toys is not easy broken when it fall from sky

Education toys:it is the best eaucation toys for kids to let he/she know the flying glider knowledge and Stir up interest.you and your kids or partner will feel very fun to play with it.

Easy to use:put the wing into the hole,and adjust the wing,then chgring the ariplane,just 10 seconds,you will easy to make it fly in the sky.

Package Includes:
♥chagring box
♥airplane Fuselage
♥long horizontal tail
♥short horizontal tail
1. Insert the wing and tail into the fuselage slot
2. Check the wing and tail are symmetry and straight
3. Bend wing tips upwards
4.Bending the right wing and left wing, toincreasing attack angel, itcan increase the right lift
How to make it fly?
After install the airplane, 1put in the charging port with 10-15 seconds
2 just lightly throw it(don’t throw it to hard),and then you will feel very fun wiht it.
if you can’t make it fly,welcome to contact our,we will respond and slove your problem ASAP.
★The airplane not carrying any battery,so when the toys fall you should charge it
★Don’t throw your airplane in the indoor,the airplane need a wide plane
★Don’t throw it on the a cement floor.the airplane Material is PP foam,but it will easier broken on the cement floor